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Fresh Flowers Grown Locally!

When you become a subscriber with Merritt Meadows or another flower farmer, you are supporting the local flower farming industry AND you are reducing the negative environmental impact of importing flowers. Fossil fuels and heavy chemicals are used to preserve the flowers when they fly to the US from South America and other foreign countries. 


Subscriptions are OPEN for the 2019 Season!!!

I want to extend my heart felt appreciation to my subscribers and those on my waiting list!  Thank you for going on this journey with me.


Want to subscribe or be added to my waiting list?

Email me, Jenny Chantz, at merrittmeadows@gmail.com

Special thanks for images of "Villa Nobile Poppies" and our black and white courtesy of Monique Sarkessian and David Negley for his graphic design talents.

2019 Bouquet Subscriptions: OPEN!

4 Bouquet Subscriptions Packages. Accepting names for subscriptions and waiting list!

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Merritt Meadows Flower Farm

Jennifer (Jenny) Chantz * Fort Washington * PA 19034, US

(215) 380-1504